The Healthy Weigh is an organization dedicated to providing the most professional, successful weight loss program available. We help our clients achieve physical and emotional health.

Who we are

Since 1990, we have prided ourselves on our services, results, and reputation. Without the use of any drugs or pre-packaged foods, we have delivered the best weight loss and long term results of any program available in Clark County.

What we do

Our balanced nutritional plan is Dr. recommended and very effective. The nutritional plan coupled with the motivation and education provided by our experienced, dynamic staff, makes our program complete.

Our Philosophy

We invite you to find out more about The Healthy Weigh from our successful Team Challenge to our outstanding educational classes. We are truly more than a weight loss clinic.


In the spring of 2009 after 25 years of helping people lose weight through a one on one counseling approach, I decided to try something really different! Being inspired by NBC’s “Biggest Loser” program, I brainstormed with a group of innovative people and created The Healthy Weigh’s first ever “Team Challenge.” Since that time we have been delivering, from start to finish, the most outstanding 10 week weight loss challenges available!


Everyone who enrolls in The Team Challenge, has a weight loss partner, they make up a team. Our teams compete for the greatest % of weight loss for the 10 week period.


Every THURSDAY at Noon or 6 PM all of our teams show up for a weigh-in and an inspirational presentation. The meeting lasts approximately one hour.  We have weekly winners as well as winners for the whole team challenge!  The grand prize goes to the team with the greatest % of weight loss.


Our clients can expect a 22 pound weight loss during the 10 week challenge, however we have seen greater weight loss per week at The Team Challenge, than in the history of The Healthy Weigh!

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You can find us on Thursdays at 12 and 6:
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