This week was an exciting week for The Healthy Weigh! We wrapped up TWO Team Challenges this week.  Wednesday I celebrated with TEC Equipment where I run a team challenge as part of their wellness package. Thursday I partied with my Healthy Weigh friends in Vancouver. It was a powerful and super fun two days.

Between the two team challenges over 2500 pounds were lost! And you’d think that would be what I was most excited about. But it’s always something more.

I said to both groups that the last ten weeks wasn’t enough time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE but the things they learned in the last ten weeks could change their lives.

This challenge was all about “walking this weigh.” We ‘walked this weigh’ physically with 32 walks at 32 minutes each (it was our 32nd team challenge) and we ‘walked this weigh’ emotionally as well.

From our thought life to taking a closer look at our inner child we went deep this challenge. My husband Barry even showed up one week to share and compare his work in our counties drug court with the journey that my clients are on. Recovery is recovery. It doesn’t matter what we are trying to change and heal from, it’s a day by day, one step at a time process.

Our winning teams lost a great amount of weight! John and Roseanne (Team Double Stuffed) from TEC Equipment lost over 100 pounds and Darcy and Amy (Team Walking Without Curves) lost over 70! We also celebrated a 100 pound weight loss in Vancouver as Holly H. completed her 3rd ten week challenge! ¬†Congratulations to all of you top winners…and so many others who were “winners” at this team challenge!

As we close another Team Challenge I’m already looking ahead to spring. Our theme for our next challenge is “Must Be Present To Win.” I’m more aware than ever that in this fast paced and technology driven world, we are very rarely present. Whether we’re thinking and worrying about the future or distracted with our smart phones we are not living in the very moments we’ve been given. To “win” in our relationships, in our work places, with our self care we must be present. To “win” at living a life of deep gratitude we must be present. I’m so excited to challenge my Healthy Weigh family for ten weeks this spring and as always anticipating what I’ll learn the process about living in the precious present.

But for now…I’ll just sit in THIS moment…being present, celebrating all that’s been accomplished by SO MANY people that are SO IMPORTANT to me! Congratulations my friends on the last ten weeks and all you’ve learned!

Until next time…

Always encouraging you,