I picked a theme for our ‘after class’ this spring at The Healthy Weigh.  Many clients choose to stay 30 minutes longer and spend some time with me going deeper. This challenge…”Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Good theme huh? Losing weight requires strength and commitment and even some willpower, but keeping it off requires  more than that…it requires change!

We can think good thoughts and have a positive attitude,  prep our food and try new recipes. We can set goals and reward ourself for new behavior…and all of those things are GOOD, but if we don’t change our beliefs, nothing will change for good!

This week we looked at some false and limiting beliefs that keep us from permanent weight loss. We examined where they might have come from and why they would need to be changed to have weight loss for life.

From the belief that says “I’m not worthy” ( oh, but I would be if I lost 30 pounds, or if my husband doesn’t leave me, or if I get the promotion) to the belief that says “I need to be perfect,”(perfectionism is about “what will people think” vs. excellence which is “what do I think “) we dug a little deeper and sought to understand why those false beliefs would keep us from our goal; losing our weight and keeping it off. We spent time looking at our beliefs about our relationship with food, to how we believe that life should be a struggle. All of the beliefs we examined affect our ability to keep our weight off.

I’ve had more than one person this week say, “Letha, why is my second Team Challenge harder than the first? I’m struggling to stay on program, It’s not as easy this time.”

Changing takes time…and that’s why I love clients to stick around. If losing weight and keeping it off was as easy as committing to a ten week fun program…we’d all be at goal weight and keeping our weight off for life!
But it’s not…It’s small changes over a long period of time. It’s about digging deep…then going deeper…it’s about peeling back another layer of the onion.

As we lose the first 30 pounds we are thinking, “yea…I like this.” Then we get thinner and it gets scary.
We truly identify with the overweight, discouraged, out of control, disappointed…person more than we do with the slender, enthusiastic, in control, determined, strong, confident, facing his or her fears, person.
And that’s why there won’t be a team challenge that I won’t preach this…
Our beliefs dictate our thoughts which dictate our feelings which dictate our actions.

Letting go of limiting, unhealthy, false, beliefs about ourselves is a must to live our very best life. But it can be hard and even scary on a subconscious level.

Think of it this way. Look at our lives like we are hanging from a trapeze. The trapeze bar is our security, our pattern of existence, our lifestyle. Then another trapeze bar swings into our view and we are faced with a perplexing dilemma. Should I relinquish my past…should I reach for the new bar? The moment of truth comes, when we realize that to grab
ahold of the new bar, we must release the old one.

Your beliefs are based on what you learned growing up…about yourself and the world around you. We live what we learn…not what we are “taught” necessarily but what we learned! The tricky part is to identify your beliefs about yourself, about your relationship with food, and more, and see how those beliefs are playing out in your life. We ALWAYS act out our beliefs, so we’ve got to understand them to begin to change our actions permanently.


To live our best life, and change permanently, we must look at what we believe, ask ourselves if our beliefs are working for us in every area of our lives, and then have the courage to change them if not.
Nothing changes if nothing changes. Here’s to recognizing and then changing the beliefs that will really make change happen for life.

Always encouraging you,