It’s hard to believe that we’re on week 9 of this 10 week Team challenge. Time flies when you’re having fun and when you’re changing…and we’re doing both of those at The Healthy Weigh.

We’ve learned so much in this last 9 weeks, in fact we’ve learned EVERYTHING we need to be successful. We really have.

Everyone has lost weight and changed their thinking in the last 9 weeks because of what they’ve heard and what they’ve  practiced. Every one of them have taken themselves from unsuccessful to successful, from discouraged to encouraged, from hopeless to hopeful. How?…by doing the simple things, very simple things.

Buying groceries…simple

Prepping them in advance…simple

Weighing and measuring your foods…simple

Writing down your foods…simple

Taking a walk…simple

Focusing on new thoughts…simple

Journaling your feelings…simple

Simple things that change a life if done consistently over a long period of time.

Although these things are life changing,  when you’re doing these simple things you don’t feel powerful or like a gold medalist, you don’t need a degree of any kind to do them…they are in fact, mundane … pretty simple.

These things really don’t take huge effort, they are not heroic or dramatic. Mostly, they are just simple things that all of us really should do every day.

But here’s the thing…
It’s the simple things that successful people do.
It’s those same simple things that unsuccessful people don’t do.

Do you know what that means???

That means that we already have EVERYTHING we need to be successful and reach goal weight. EVERYTHING.

You don’t have to do something brilliant or impossible to reach your goal weight.

You don’t have to learn some insanely difficult skill or have some amazing new idea to lose your weight.

All you have to do is do what you’ve done this far…the simple things.

I’ve been reading a powerful book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen….and in a nut shell THAT is what the slight edge is.

Doing the simple things that seem to be insignificant but when done over and over, change your life.

“The Slight Edge” is what we are going to focus on and master this summer at The Healthy Weigh. We announced our Summer School theme today with the Slight Edge as part of the curriculum …it’s going to be a powerful summer.

With one week to go for this Spring Team Challenge I’m excited to say that we all have EVERYTHING we need to be successful. Small and simple changes practiced consistently over a long period of time can be life changing!

Always encouraging you,