Team work really did make a difference at the Spring Team Challenge! Cody and Dale, team “Team Work” took the win with a 19.2 % of weight loss for the challenge.  They collectively lost 83 pounds! Amazing! The fun thing about these two is that the first week of the challenge they came up to me and said “We’re going to win.” Words are powerful! I’m proud of them and excited for their family.  Seven of them participated in the spring challenge and lost over 200 pounds.  A family that loses together…wins!

It’s always fun to celebrate all the accomplishments at the end of the team challenges.  We had so many participants lose 20, 30 and even 40 pounds in the last ten weeks. It’s pretty awesome to be a part of something so great but this one’s over…now what?

I did my very best to describe some possible scenarios of life in the ‘between times’ of the Team Challenges.  I’ve had many conversations and much experience observing the struggle so many seem to have when they are not engaged in the challenge. I know when I got through with a list of 6 or 7 “story problems” the group thought I must be physic! It’s not that I’m physic, it’s that I walk the road with them.

I talked about extreme thinking, which of course leads to extreme behavior.
On or off 
Good or bad
Black or white
Diet food or real food
Yes or no
Wrong or right

Black and white thinking interferes with a person’s ability to develop any sense of moderation. And a sense of moderation is  exactly what we need to reach our goal and keep it off.

Extreme thinking gives us a (false) sense of security and control over life’s uncertainties. The dualistic mind tricks us into thinking we have this “life” thing figured out, and we don’t have to struggle and search anymore. And that feels good — but only temporarily.

The truth is this all-or-nothing mentality actually narrows our vision and creates insecurity. The all or nothing mind impels us to judge ourselves as:
Right or wrong

Good or bad
Strong or weak
Smart or stupid
Success or failure

The fact is life does not work that way. Life is actually full of subtle balance and varying degrees in every area of being human. In fact, there are really very few situations that are not.

I did my best tonight to usher in the color gray. I gave examples of what it looks like to be balanced and in control at the same time.  That’s where health is found and that’s where maintenance is found.

We will be apart for 3 weeks in-between the challenges but I have a feeling although I’m sure we are going to see sunny blue skies we are all going to see a little more gray!

So long Spring Team Challenge, it’s been a wonderful ten weeks being present. I’m looking forward to Summer School but until then…

I’m always encouraging you,