Thursday marked the first day of summer school at The Healthy Weigh. We kicked off the Summer Team Challenge with former students and brand new ones as well.  Number two pencils, composition books  and a shiny red apple greeted each student for a summer of inspiration and education.

We focused our attention Thursday on something that will make the difference not only in the next ten weeks, but for life…journaling. My job was to sell this eager group of students on this important coping skill. Healthy Coping skills are lacking in our society and food, just happens to be one of the “drugs of choice” that we use to avoid the very stuff that we need to be coping with.  Journaling is one of the best coping skills there is and I’m convinced that the students at summer school are going to be changed permanently if they choose to practice this great skill.

I’ve preached for years at The Healthy Weigh that It’s NOT about what we are eating…’s about what’s eating us!

I knew I had to get to the point and address the truth from the start of  this Summer Team Challenge.

We are wounded, anxious, fearful, hurting, rejected, lonely, angry, insecure, frustrated, bored, and overwhelmed people. THAT is why we keep doing what we don’t want to do and get the results we don’t want!

As I prepared this week to “sell” my Healthy Weigh family on the benefits of journaling, I couldn’t help but think about the men on the program. Keeping a journal, once a manly activity, has recently come to be viewed as a feminine pastime. However, many masculine men have kept journals.

Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, James Madison, all wrote in journals at least for part of their lives. It’s a historic activity with huge benefits. I figured if Lewis and Clark kept a journal, my male friends at The Healthy Weigh could too!

I shared some important benefits for men and woman who journal and then gave a journaling prompt to help everyone get on board and use their summer school composition books for something life changing.

This week’s assignment was to write a letter to yourself dated September 14th which is the final of this team challenge.  I can imagine how powerful these letters will be.  They will be full of hope, dreams and positive expectations.  I’m believing it will be just what everyone needs to get off to a great start this summer. And…it was simple one compared to the prompts that will follow.  You’ve got to start out easy in summer school…any good teacher knows that! 🙂

Journaling helps us figure out who we are, what we need and what we want. It can help us make better decisions, and focus on the very things that support us in taking compassionate care of ourselves and others. I’m believing that we are going to know ourselves better by the end of this summer, and that is a key for healing your body, soul and spirit!

We’re off to a great start and I can’t wait to build a relationship with my students one week at a time for the summer of 2017.  I’m a happy teacher.


Always encouraging you,