Letha started working at the Weight Loss Clinic in 1981.  Over the years she’s helped thousands of people reach their goals.  Although she’s been in the industry for a long time, she’s never lost her passion and in fact is even more committed to helping men and women lose weight, keep it off, and live their best lives.

The Healthy Weigh has an outstanding nutritional program that helps people reach their weight loss goals.  However, Letha’s focus has always been less about what they’re eating and more about what’s eating them. Focusing on the emotional side of eating helps the whole person; body, soul, spirit.

She’s spent over 30 years dedicated to figuring out WHY we do what we do – especially when we don’t want to!  It’s complicated, that’s for sure!  But she has answers and she loves to share and teach others.

The Team Challenge gives her the opportunity to do just that.  It’s an amazing 10 week program that gives people the tools they need to change their thinking and change their lives.

In addition to running over 30 successful team challenges through The Healthy Weigh, Letha has also had great success taking the team challenge to corporations as part of their wellness package.

Letha’s own personal journey to find emotional and spiritual health has been the catalyst that has inspired others to find healing in their lives.

She is the owner of The Healthy Weigh and she’s also a writer and speaker focusing on teaching people to live their best lives in all areas.

Letha has been married to her husband Barry for 37 years.  They live in Ridgefield, Washington and have one son who works with his dad in their law firm. Letha and Barry enjoy traveling, golfing, and cuddling on the couch with their dog, Bailey.

She is available to speak at your conference, retreat, or meeting.  For more information, please contact Letha at letha.brandenburg@gmail.com.